5 times sperm increase - possible

The number of sperm and semen quality is important, including psychological, component.
Each of the men, at least once in their lives dreamed of a large number of sperm, but alas, the cruel reality lets us know: poor nutrition, ecology, and the amount of time given to a loved one, the age, as well as regular sex life - because of these factors often formed the same "amount of semen".

The volume of sperm is dependent on two fundamental types of substances: amino acids and zinc.
Many can certainly advise doing a variety of exercises and massage, to increase the amount of sperm, but for the most part even the regular classes will not give any lasting effect.

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Every man wants to feel at height during sexual intercourse. Of no small importance is the quality and quantity of sperm. After all, with a long ejaculatory orgasm and the man and, accordingly, a woman has a much brighter and lasts longer. To help men achieve such a result and was created drug Semenax. The main property of Semenax - increasing the number of sperm to 500% and improve the quality of sperm, that is, disappears smell and taste.

Thus, the main advantages of the drug:

-Increase in the number of sperm to 500%.

- Long-ejaculation.

- A longer orgasm.

- More vivid sensations during orgasm.

- Improving the quality of sperm.

- For men is the best multivitamins.

- Improvement of fertility, that is, improving the quality of reproductive sperm.

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